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TROPHY DES Rally Composite (HANS Fitted)
The Trophy Rally DES is a high quality open face helmet. Carrying the latest Snell rating, this Kelvar/Fiberglass Composite helmet is primarily aimed at Rally and Autocross drivers.

The Trophy Rally DES features everything that the Jet DES has, but adds integrated electronics. The Plus adds Loudspeakers integrated into the ear pads with a boom microphone. This is the Basic Electronics kit - designed for entry level intercom usage in a relatively low noise environment. Stilo's Trophy Intercom is designef to work with this system. The ST-30 and WRC DES Intercom systems will not work with this electronics setup.

Features an M6 nut integrated into the shell to interface with Head and Neck Restraint Systems.

TROPHY DES Rally Composite (HANS Fitted)

    • Helmet Shell
    • Integrated Electronics
    • Passive noise attenuating earmuffs with speakers
    • Adjustable Magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone
    • Drinks System Connection Plug
    • HANS Posts


    Optional Extras (See Accesories)

    • Earmuffs w/ Speakers
    • Integrated Eject System
    • Wiring Connectors
    • Drinking system
    • Front spoiler
    • Rear spoiler
    • Tear-offs
    • Top air system or side air system (fitted in place of the drinks system connection plug)
    • Iredium and short visors