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ClimaCool Suit - Silver/Black

FIA approved adidas race suits have been designed and developed by Fyshe in conjunction with leading professional drivers. In addition to a high level of protection, adidas race suits provide superior performance and comfort in the most demanding racing environments. Three- dimensional ClimaCool® fabrics actively conduct heat and sweat away from the body, allowing air to circulate close to the skin and reduce core body temperature.


“Smart Tag” technology allows the wearer to both authenticate the race suit is a legitimate product and validate the race suit is Homologation compliant by scanning on any NFC enabled smartphone.

ClimaCool Suit - Silver/Black

SKU: F92115
    • Lightweight 290gr/sqm 100% Nomex® sandwich construction.
    • Fully floating sleeves and 3-D engineering for optimum fit.
    • Recessed extraction handles increases comfort when wearing a HANS device.
    • Flat seam construction and soft knit collar for added comfort.
    • Supplied in adidas PU coated leather suit bag with adidas logo and 3-stripes.